Plant Enzymes

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Hi everybody my name is John Fischer I want to talk about plant enzymes and you know what’s important about plant enzymes it’s plant-based. They’re actually made from the sprouts you know they grow sprouts before it becomes a plant it seems to have these types of you know powers that you know that I know just from my own personal experience. You know nothing scientific, no studies I can just tell you this I can tell you when I have a big meal and I take my five or six enzymes at night what happens is I don’t feel bloated I don’t feel that gassy feeling it digests the food like it’s nothing.

You know I could tell you also that I know when you have a big meal and I don’t take the enzymes you know that’s Smokey my African gray he’s being very bad. The bottom line is that yeah I’m sitting at home isolating for the fifth month, but that’s okay I need the company. What’s important about the actual enzymes is that their digestive aid and when you don’t take it a lot of the foods we eat don’t have live enzymes. What happens is the body doesn’t have enough enzymes to go ahead and digest the food so the body goes out and says hey liver send me your enzymes. Everybody I need all the enzymes to digest that food that heavy thick food that you ate late at night and what happens you get sleepy right and you lay down on the couch and you pretty much you know almost pass out. What’s really going on and I’m not a scientist I know what’s going on.

The body is shutting down the body cannot function when all these enzymes are being pulled together to digest that heavy food in your stomach you take the enzymes to see how long you fall asleep it’s like nothing happens. I mean it’s pretty good matter of fact, you know it gets to the point where I know if I’m going to go out and have a big meal at night I carry the enzyme. I carry a little Ziploc with you know five or six, seven of those little enzymes and I know you know acid reflux none of that that just it’s just a really good product.

Hey I was introduced to this product 25 years ago they gave you two little pills in a little tiny Ziploc bag and they said to get a cup of oatmeal open the actual capsules and stir and stir the oatmeal and the oatmeal turned to liquid and that’s how we used to sell this stuff back in the old days as a digestive aid. Little did we know that it had all the benefits that we have right now so again I’m talking specifically about plant enzymes.

We get them at and my company my website which happens to be is a reseller of their product so you go to their website whatever prices they charge you, guess what, with my coupon, you get 20% off that’s a nice benefit believe me 20% is a big chunk.  If you have any questions feel free to call me my phone number is 561-239-0-364, I appreciate the time and god bless.

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