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John Fischer, the owner of the company has been taking Plant Enzymes and Sterols for over 25 years. His perspective on this product, unlike Ron Schneider, is strictly derived from his personal experience.

John was putting in an order with Ron, the founder of EnrichingGifts.com, and they had a long conversation. John told Ron that one of his businesses was winding down and he was looking to put his efforts into a new business. Next thing you know, Ron made an offer that John could not refuse and the rest is history.

Immune Shield is a brand new company and we have the opportunity to offer the same products as Enriching Gifts, but we give our customers 20% off.

John Fischer will only endorse a product after he uses it. He has been using the Plant Enzymes, Plant Sterols and Heart Algae on and off for the last 25 years. When John runs out of the supplements and he forgets to re-order he notices that something is missing and something is wrong. “That is great motivation for me to order. That’s a product that I want to endorse,” said John Fischer.

Enriching gifts has 12 products and John has tried three of them. John and his team will try all the products so they can tell each one of you their personal experience. “This is very exciting for all of us,” said Ashley Persaud, the SEO Manager for Immune Shield, “I have never tried these products, but from what I have heard I am ecstatic to try them. I struggle with certain health issues, so finding something that benefits my health long term is very important to me.”

Immune Shield is here to promote your health and well being, one supplement at a time.

Our Team

John Fischer

Founder - CEO


Addy Angarano

Operations Manager

Ashley Persaud

SEO Manager

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We offer high quality supplements from Enriching Gifts. Watch our videos to better your knowledge on the Enriching Gifts supplements.

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We offer a 20% discount on Enriching Gift products.

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We take security very seriously, your payment will always be secure with Immune Shield.