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Hi, everybody, my name is John Fischer welcome to so this is an interesting story and I’m the kind of person that likes to touch it, feel it, smell it, and before I could really get behind any kind of a product or get involved behind a company. I’ve got to actually take the product I’ve got to I’m a salesman and you know I can’t be effective and I can’t be convincing if I don’t have proof if I haven’t used the product before.

So the product we’re talking about and the website and the products that we will be selling are enriching gifts and enriching gifts has three products that I know about that I’ve personally taken and then maybe another five six seven other products I think 15 altogether maybe.  I really haven’t taken those and I’m gone have to do my research on those before I start recommending them but I’m going to tell you a story I’m going to try to do it as quickly as possible.  I’ve been taking the product since well before my six tuple bypass in 2001 and the seventh artery had a u-turn they tried to put a stent in there and I died on the table they paddled me they put me back together and they used my arteries for my uh my memories and here I am almost 20 years later, but an interesting thing happened when they opened me up.  I had a 100 blocked or 99 block widow maker and the doctor said you should have been dead years ago and I said well you know what happened and he said well obviously you’re taking some stuff because you had these collateral arteries little tiny spider arteries that were still supplying enough blood to keep you from having a massive heart attack. I’m like really and he said yeah and roll forward I’ve only been in the hospital maybe 48 hours. I remember the cardiologist I wanted to get the hell out of there and I felt like crap you can imagine waking up after dying and then having a catheter in you and having your hands tied down and having a tube and it felt like I was sucking through a straw and that’s how I was breathing and I’m saying to myself my god I survived this operation I’m going to drown right now.

You know every time I go to a friend who has this kind of operation I always tell them to give me a signal with your eyes and I’ll make sure they take that damn tube out of your throat I mean it was really a hell of an experience my recovery was fast, but again that was a rough one. Anyways you can tell I’m getting into the whole thing here’s the point I’m trying to make I took this product which was the enzymes and I took this product which is the sterols and later on I experimented with the heart algae. I could tell you this I can tell you I’ve been taking the enzymes for over 20 years and I really love everything about them I love the digestive if I go have a big meal I come home I pop four or five of those things it gets rid of the bloating it gets rid of all that gassy it just pretty much it’s a digestive enzyme is what it is. I’ll tell you that story also a lot of stories and the bottom line is that I don’t eat enough raw foods so a lot of the enzymes that I’m eating are cooked out or are not there anymore so I use the actual enzymes.

I also use the sterols and I got to tell you man I really was a dead man walking I don’t know if it’s time to show you my scar yet but I will you know one day. I will show you my scar, you could tell you know they always talk about a zipper and if you take a look at my zipper I mean the scar is not pink and it’s not raised and it’s not a quarter-inch thick you can barely see it and I remember when they put those two electrodes in my heart just before I left I said we’re just going to pop these two electrodes and you can go home and they kept pulling on them and I could feel my heart shifting. This is a freshly bypassed heart and I was worried about ripping stitches and whatever and they’re saying man I can’t believe how fast you heal you know we only screwed those things into your heart and you’re already like can’t even pull them out we may have to schedule you to uh operate and take those things out. I didn’t want to have any more operations I said give it one more good yank you know and I just sat there and I held on and it pops and I could feel the whole heart getting twisted when they did that so it’s quite a story. This the kind of stuff the conviction I need to be able to sell a product and finally, I’ve gotten to the point where I said to myself you know what I love this stuff and I got to tell you there’s so much stuff about this product that we can’t talk about because the federal drug administration will come in and say hey you can’t talk about that but I can tell you something I’m going to keep it simple.

 I’m going to give you the caveman version of how great this stuff is and I can tell you right now I have another story for you and I got millions of stories. One of my employees a guy who takes care of my computers the IT guy had a motorcycle laid the motorcycle down opened himself up pretty bad road rash or whatever and I said, Sergio, you got to take these enzymes man you’re going to heal so fast you’re going to freak out he goes yeah give me a bottle get me a bottle. I got to tell you he healed so fast his family saw it they were all like what the hell and they all started ordering the product as well and then people in my office started seeing the healing qualities of this stuff and they holy smokes so that’s just all.

 I’m going to start with you right now telling you this telling you from a digestive standpoint from wellness from health,  the only scientific data I have is my experience and I can tell you right now that the experience I’ve had with this product is dynamite now here’s the good news. The good news is because of my long-standing relationship with enriching gifts which by the way the main company the mothership is with this particular website my company which is, you can go to that website through me and take 20 percent off anything they got. In other words, I have a discount I get a discount by you ordering from me I actually am able to give you a 20% discount from their actual website so that’s a home run for you.

 I can tell you that this product is unbelievable and I can tell you that we’re going to expand and we’re going to start taking a look at all the other stuff especially the heart algae and so I got to be really careful I got to be careful how I present it to you, but this is the kind of product that you use it and you’ll know right away what it is and what’s going. I can tell you that the first introduction I had to this product and a little Ziploc bag with two little pills in it the enzymes and they said to take those two pills open them up in the little cup of oatmeal and take a look at what it does and I did it I opened up the little capsules I stirred the oatmeal and the oatmeal turned to liquid you know so I mean such a great digestive aid if anything else if you’re having any kind of digestive stuff.

 The last thing I’ll tell you the premise behind this whole thing with enzymes and I’m not a scientist and believe me Ron the owner he really is scientific I’m not I can tell you this I can tell you that you could tell and the true test that you don’t have enough enzymes to digest your food is when you have a big meal and you fall asleep or you shut down what’s going on. What’s going on is that the body is borrowing enzymes from your liver from every other organ and saying hey guys I don’t have enough enzymes to digest this huge meal I have come on bring it over here you know and of course the body can’t function when it doesn’t have all the enzymes it needs so pretty much it shuts down it focuses on the digestion and that’s how the whole thing works and that’s how I began understanding the product and then how it worked that was what that’s what it’s about for me. You’re going to have a lot more videos a lot more information, my phone number is 561-239-0364 and I can tell you right now this product is going to change your life I mean it changed my life my opinion it saved my life uh have yourself a good day and thank you for your time and god bless.

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