Heart Algae with Ron Schneider

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Okay, Ron here we go, this is the third product now, unfortunately, I remember when I first met you I did take this and I remember having maybe you know four or five bottles of this I don’t remember, but I got to be honest with you, taking the enzymes was easy that was natural for me. I kept running out of the Sterols but I always reordered them because I bought a lot of the actual enzymes, but this is the one here that I don’t really believe I’ve taken enough of to really get any kind of results. I have a bad heart of course you know that it’s been 19 years since I had a six double bypass by the way I flatlined on the table they couldn’t get the seventh artery and I lost the back of my heart. So I got sixty percent of my heart is what I have and uh and I really now I’m really excited to see what this does I’m going to be a perfect guinea pig you know because we’re starting as of today with this product and I can’t wait to see what it does. So take it away on the heart algae.

Enriching Gifts heart algae exactly, well John you don’t have to be a guinea pig we have just concluded so much research on that product over the last eight-nine years. In fact, in 2019 we were actually nominated and we came in second place as the highest quality new product into the nutraceutical and sports nutrition industry with heart algae formula that was number two worldwide as the best PR new product introduced into the sports nutrition industry. I’ll tell you why because everybody’s heard about antioxidants well the enriching gifts heart algae that formula is actually just blowing the anti-aging industry apart and I’ve been invited to attend the anti-aging conference every single year in Las Vegas and I haven’t even been there in three years now, but the heart algae that is a game-changer. Actually, it has such an antioxidant benefit and antioxidants is what prevents anti-aging or supports anti-aging um for long many many years everybody thought that aging was caused by oxidation only now we know it’s a shortening of the telomeres and that’s a genetic kind of a thing.

I don’t want to get too so sidetracked with that, but second to shortening of the telomeres is the antioxidants and you’ll see about every 10 years you’ll see it on the front cover of Time magazine some big magazine and stuff new something discovered well astaxanthin is the active ingredient in our heart algae and of all the companies in the world that market red algae or something that has high astaxanthin in it we are the only company in the world that actually grows it in a photoreactor biodome environment completely enclosed five feet tall glass domes waters fed in all four sides like a little cross in the middle of it. It’s done in Hawaii I was the one who brought the heart algae company to Hawaii through Bill Lachiono who used to be the head of Hawaiian economic development that became a really good friend of mine.

Anyway, so that’s one difference because we go to aqua search cyanotech any other heart any other algae source blue-green algae from Klamath lake all of those. You go to any one of those they’re all grown in open pond environments where you have acid rain you have pollution you have animal feces you have so much stuff that can get into there bacteria especially that’s harmful to your brain that’s some of the stuff that everybody has to process out. We don’t have any of that it’s a completely enclosed environment and we can actually prevent us having to go back and break down fiber to get to the nutritional value of the algae source because we can control the growth of that fiber by turning the glass black shielding out all sunlight and yet the algae because it’s still enzymatically active it’s still developing nutritionally. That’s why at the end of the day when we go through our process of producing our Enriching Gifts heart algae we have a finished product it’s no less than five times more potent than milligram for milligram or gram for gram than any other astaxanthin product anywhere in the world and it’s so much cleaner. There is no going back and reprocessing trying to sterilize um kill off bacteria this that and break down the fibers to get much higher um concentrated nutrition and vast events and values we don’t have any of that and the one thing about enriching gifts we are probably the most technologically advanced overall company anywhere in the world in the nutrition industry.

I really appreciate you John and helping me to try to get this out to the world because everybody that I come across regardless of how many hundreds of thousands even probably a million people how come we haven’t heard of you I’m like because I don’t have the means. I’m not a computer guy I’m not a social media guy I really don’t like the general public that much, but that came from just traveling the world and being so busy and crazy and that’s where that came from. I love the general public my commitment in life is I want to see every single person who lives on this planet get the most extraordinary health and lifespan that they can be given the genetics that they have inherited in them that’s my goal that’s my commitment in life.

Yes, and I hear your passion too and you know what we are a great match because I’m a kiss kind of guy and you’re a technical kind of guy and you know I have enough knowledge to keep up with you because you didn’t lose me at all. I understood everything you said and I really appreciate that well you know we’re going to have some more of these meetings Ron and I really appreciate your time. I know you’re a busy guy and I got to tell you man I really enjoyed it and you taught me so much. I just hope I could retain 50% of what you said hey thanks so much for your time buddy.

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