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Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to Immune Shield. So immune shield is the name of a company that I’ve created to sell products from a company called enrichinggifts.com. Enriching gifts has been around for a long time I’ve been taking the product for 25 years and I’m going to tell you that the unique relationship I have with Ron Schneider and the amount of time that I’ve known him he’s given me an agreement where I could actually resell his product.  Lucky you, you get to go to enriching gifts and I give you a 20% discount on the same exact product and the reason being of course volume and you know we’ve been doing this together for a long time.  I’m one of his happy customers and you know the bad thing about these types of products is that unless you have some really ridiculous scientific studies and even if you do, you run a big risk of having all kinds of different problems.

So what I do is the caveman approach, you see no one no government agency can take away my experience and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to explain to you this product that I’ve been using one of them which happens to be the enzymes. The second one which happens to be the sterols and the third one which I got to admit I didn’t use enough of the product and I stopped using it. I was really happy with the other two I mean I just never really got into the heart algae but I’m very interested because I am an athlete,  I work out really hard and of course, I have a bad heart so anything I could do to boost my immune system or my immune shield, you know?

So let’s back up and tell the story that started Immune Shield I don’t want to take too long so, 25 years ago I met Ron at a seminar. Ron told me about his family having coronary artery disease and he told me that he was going to go ahead and you know break the cycle and beat this whole coronary artery disease. That’s the arteries that surround your heart I knew I had it because my family all died from heart attacks and all kinds of bad stuff and I said you know Ron I better start taking that product now you know.  So I started taking the product, roll forward five years, and I was bench pressing 325 I was an animal. I had a very young wife and I was just like you know killing it at 50 years old. I was really I mean doing well I was laying down watching TV and I feel a little bit of a rumble in my heart and I said to myself you know no pain no gain. I mean after any heavy-duty bench pressing I always had that rumble, but this time it was different this time it wasn’t painful but something was up.

By the way, I’m not a religious guy I’m a very spiritual guy and this is all about God also I mean God’s behind the scenes yeah Ron made the product, but you know God’s the one that led the way. What happened was a guy moved into my building and he set up a CT machine scan machine and he needed some product I’m a list broker by trade and he wanted a hundred thousand plus income he was going to direct mail them because the insurance company won’t pay for the CT scan. Why, they want you to die because they don’t want to spend 150,000 so I had to pay 800 bucks to find out that I was about to die and so he did the scan. Glenn Myers saved my life he was my cardiologist for a while and three to five minutes and he’s in the room dark computer and there’s my heart spinning around 3D and it looks like it’s full of spaghetti. I’m like what the hell and I go what’s up Glenn am I going to be okay? He goes oh wait hold on something’s wrong I’m recalibrating the computer and I’m like Glenn you’re starting to worry me what’s up. He goes John the score is ridiculous I’ve never seen one this high before you got a real problem I don’t want you doing anything this weekend I don’t want you eating steak, I don’t want you having sex, I don’t want you doing anything.  I want you just to show up at holy cross on Monday morning we’re going to do an angiogram and see what goes from there so of course that weekend what did I do? Everything he told me not to do because you know what I thought it was the end I mean I really took it seriously and I could tell by looking at his face it was a problem.

I had the angiogram and I had a real famous guy who did the angiogram and the guy who did my six double bypasses happened to be Dr. Tabri and he happens to be George Bush seniors surgeon. So he was good enough for a president he was good enough for me and by the way the guy they had me scheduled to operate on me had just lost a patient a few months ago and I didn’t like the guy I did some research and I said no I want to breathe they had me at the pre-op they had me on valium and I and I don’t do drugs,  I don’t take drugs, I don’t drink or nothing and here I’m on this valium and I’m saying no I don’t want this guy.  I want to breathe Tabri walks up he says congratulations he says you asked for the best I’m here and he operated on me. He did six vessel bypass on the seventh one I had a U-turn in it he tried to put a stent and I died. I wouldn’t let him um shut my heart off because my mom went into a deep depression and tried to kill herself.  I’ve never been depressed in my life except for when I woke up from this operation and I was really depressed.

So long story short he says, you know you should be okay and you should live for the to 75 years old you got a good 25 years ahead of you I didn’t use your veins they only last seven years they use my memories and he did a ridiculous job. I mean he really did a great job but when I woke up from that operation it was terrible because I was tied down, they strapped you down I had a tube down my throat and it was like sucking air through a straw you know and it was terrible. I couldn’t do anything, so finally they did that to me two things that really stand out is the catheter when they try to pull out it wouldn’t come out of me. Let me tell you that’s so painful and they finally tore it out of me and rip my urethra on the way out and the woman the nurse said I’ve never seen anyone heal that fast. I mean you completely healed around the two and I’m like that’s great I’m dying and she’s telling me how great I heal. Then the doctor says to me if you could walk from here to there I’ll let you go home and I walked there and I walked back so I was out of the hospital after a six-hour bypass of dying on the table in 48 hours. Just before they let me out I had the electrodes and they said we can’t pull them out something’s wrong you know you heal really well what’s up with I said I don’t want another operation just pull them hard when they pull them you can feel the heart shifting anyway I’ll tell you in the next video what the real story was and why I’m so high on this product but for right now that’s the introductory.

See that’s my credentials that which gives me the right to tell you and hopefully you believe me to the point where I believe this guy you know I believe that was his experience I believe that’s what he’s talking about and yeah I absolutely want to try this product out and I want to see what it’s all about so it’s sterols it’s enzymes it’s hard algae the name of the company is Immune Shield the mother ship happens to be enrichinggifts.com.

My name is John Fischer, if you have any questions about immune Shield please call me at 561-239-0364 and keep watching my videos and I’ll tell you more and more about the story thanks.

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