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Hi everybody my name is John Fischer, welcome to So or Immune Shield is a company that sells nutritional products and some of the products that we sell happen to be enzymes. They’re digestive aids and they do a lot for your immune system. Sterols which taken together with the enzymes it’s just like a killer combination and it really boosts your immune system and on top of that, you’ve got the heart algae which is tremendous for athletes and for people like me that have coronary artery disease. I want to just hit some points with you I did one video already where I pretty much told my story of how I met Ron and that whole deal and I’m trying to cut the time down so I don’t kill you with your attention span because I have none but the bottom line is I want you to understand what the company’s about and what we do at

So basically what does is we’re a reseller, I’ve known Ron for 25 years and I have a resellers agreement with them so you get to go to Ron’s site and read whatever products you see and you get to order it for me 20% cheaper. Why? Because of volume and because I’ve known for over 25 years because I’m one of his best customers and the bottom line is that you know I understand this product and the conviction I have comes from experience it doesn’t come from any laboratories it doesn’t come from anything that the FDA can even touch because I have the right to tell you hey I took the product and here’s what it did to me.

 I could tell you a lot of stories, now last time I talked to you guys I told you about my heart. I told you I had a heart operation and a six double bypass, I died on the table I wouldn’t let him shut my heart off because my mom got super depressed after that you know because they shut your heart off there’s a thing they say that when you shut the heart off you know it’s tough when you crank it back up again uh the brain has a bad reaction to it and depression is very common. So I did my homework and I said no don’t shut my heart off and it almost killed me, but you know I it didn’t and not because of me it’s because another story a spiritual story.

God loves me and I have a great relationship with my God and there’s a reason why God keeps me alive I’ve been through a lot of stuff in my life but that’s a different story we’ll talk about I’ll give you my testimonials and by the way, I am not religious whatsoever I’m a spiritual man I’m a god-centered man but let me just tell you about the other part of the story. When I had that operation and Dr. Tabri who happened to be George Bush Senior’s surgeon who did the operation said to me you know I’m sorry about you to know losing you, but you wouldn’t let me shut your heart off. Hey, you’re gonna be okay and you know what I use your arteries I didn’t use your veins the veins only last seven years if you ever have bypass surgery do not let them touch your veins they cut into your legs and your arms infections and they last seven years who wants seven-year reprieve you want a 25-year reprieve and you want to use arteries so remember that part.

I’m not here to teach you about open-heart surgery I’m just telling you my experience, but you know what he said to me when I opened your heart I noticed that your widowmaker was totally stuffed up but you know what was unusual was the number of collateral arteries you had you had this little network of spider arteries that came off that widow maker and attached to the heart and actually kept you alive for years. I  want to know what were you taking what do you take what I mean I could tell you’re in great shape I could tell you work out you know but I’m just kind of curious what kind of supplements do you take? I told him I was taking this enzyme product and I was telling him about the amino acids and all that kind of stuff that I take. He said john I want to know more about this product because I got to tell you, the problem you had with the catheter we couldn’t get that catheter out I know we hurt you when we pulled it out and I really want to know about what it is that you did because you know for future reference maybe I’d like to my patients to know what’s going on. See that’s the convincing factor that comes with this product the enzymes and the actual sterols.

 You know another story that I haven’t talked about is the actual zipper I mean I don’t know if you could tell but you could barely tell this scar that’s actually cancer on top of that guy skin cancer from living in Cuba for 10 years but you know what you can’t tell it’s not half-inch thick it’s not pink it doesn’t stand up it’s a nice clean scar and I tell you a lot of scars that I’ve had from before I took the enzymes have almost disappeared. I’m not making any claims I’m telling you what happened to me this doesn’t lie okay this is a six double zipper and that does not lie and you know it doesn’t lie that I’m in my 20th year after this actual operation and I got to tell you I haven’t been taking this product all the time you know I buy six bottles at a time I run out and then like you know my dumb ass forgets to reorder more for a month or maybe you know six weeks or whatever. Then I finally get to it and I say hey I got to order some more because I feel it right away as soon as I stop taking them I feel it so you know the bottom line is this product works like a champ.

You could order it 20% off on and I’m going to tell you the healing powers are amazing you know the last story one of my guys that worked for me laid his motorcycle down he was open flush everywhere I told him, Sergio, you got to get a bottle I even bought it for him I didn’t ask him to pay for it I bought him a bottle of the stuff and it was amazing how fast he healed I mean right now you can barely see the scars on him and his family saw what was going on people work so what’s going on you know so I’m going to tell you this is like show me okay it’s kind of like a show me the product and it will show you.

If you have any questions at all you want to go to to take a look at all the information you want to check out the mothership go right ahead he’s got a lot more information I do and it’s his product it’s if you have any additional questions at all please feel free to call me at 561-239-0364 or visit thank you for your time and God bless.

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