Daily Detoxification

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Your body is ‘potentially’ very toxic. Unless the majority of the food you eat is both ‘organic and raw’ you most likely fall into this category. Daily Detoxification may reduce the toxicity that accumulates in your bowel and GI tract from consuming processed foods of any kind. Daily Detoxification is composed of a complete herbal blend that may support daily intestinal, liver, and colon cleansing and elimination. It is a mild herbal cleansing formula that is not a laxative. It’s far better to constantly keep the body in a detoxified state than to let it become toxic and subject it to a flush.

Daily Detoxification is an herbal bowel and colon cleansing formula that may be used daily to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract from accumulated wastes, toxins, and/or other harmful substances. The herbs in this formula may also be classified as laxative herbs. However, the action of this formula is not a strong laxative because it does not stimulate the intestinal muscles to induce forced bowel movements or diarrhea.

daily detoxification

This formula may help maintain a healthy bowel eliminating regularity or frequency. It also helps to maintain the health of your liver through gentle liver detoxification support when daily cleansing occurs from the consumption of processed foods which will inevitably burden your liver with toxins that cannot be eliminated under normal circumstances due to lack of sufficient fiber intake.

Daily Detoxification is made with a combination of gently cleansing herbs that are traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to detoxify and provide support for the bowel and colon. As a bulk-forming laxative, these herbs help cleanse the intestinal tract from accumulated wastes, toxins, and/or other harmful substances which may be present in the body.

Daily Detoxification is also designed to provide liver support through the daily gentle cleansing that occurs from the consumption of processed foods. As a result, this will likely also help to maintain a healthy bowel regularity or frequency. This formula may be used for as long as you desire or until gastrointestinal health is restored.

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