Colloidal Silver

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A colloidal silver compound is a suspension of fine silver particles in water or ethanol. Traditional colloids are produced by electro-deposition, whereas modern colloidal silver generators may use either aqueous or organic solvents as the suspending agent. A number of chemical compounds are used to make this active topical antimicrobial agent, including potassium dichromate, thiosulfates, chloride, and phosphate ions.

This antimicrobial and antibacterial substance has been used for thousands of years as a folk remedy for a wide variety of ailments including athlete’s foot, wounds, and burns.

What is colloidal silver used for?

colloidal silver

It has been used for a variety of ailments including acne, athlete’s foot, candidiasis and ringworm, cancer (both bacterial cell and tumor), carbuncles and boils, dandruff, dermatitis (eczema), diarrhea, dysentery, eye infections (including conjunctivitis), gonorrhea, gum disease (periodontal disease), hay fever or other allergies, hepatitis A & B, herpes zoster (chickenpox or shingles), impetigo, infected wounds and burns (including gangrene), leprosy, MRSA infections, psoriasis, respiratory tract infections including bronchitis and chronic sinusitis.

What does colloidal silver look like?

It has the appearance of liquid metal. It looks like mercury and colors vary from clear to yellow or bluish-grey depending on the source of the generator.

Enriching Gift’s Lightning Colloidal Silver is made with environmental lightning voltage to ensure complete ionization of the silver particles. The only Colloidal Silver product charged with extremely high lightning voltage instead of household 110V or 220V electrical current. One ounce of Lightning Colloidal Silver contains over nine billion electrically charged positive ions of Pure Silver material.

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