Coral Calcium Capsules

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Enriching Gifts International’s Coral Life offers you the most bio-available form of calcium known. Coral Calcium is readily absorbed by your body, unlike synthetic products. Calcium neutralizes acid, maintains pH balance throughout your body, and contributes to the strength, health, and function of every single cell. It was first introduced to the US market by nutritional formulators Ronald K. Schneider and Fred Kaufman because it met their extremely high standards for Enriching Gifts’ products.

Coral Calcium is one of Nature’s most perfect foods. It contains minerals that people can absorb effectively because of the coral’s life forms. It also contains trace amounts of amino acids, vitamins, plant pigments (phytonutrients), enzymes, and growth hormones that were present in the coral when it was alive.

coral calcium

Coral Calcium is not just calcium; it contains over 62 elements and minerals. From a nutritional standpoint, it rivals the world’s best-known healing foods such as brewer’s yeast, spirulina, and chlorella.

Coral calcium is not produced from dead corals; it comes from living coral colonies. The coral is harvested from the shallow areas of the sea. This is in an area where the coral grows very quickly. The coral is harvested and processed under controlled conditions to ensure it keeps its effectiveness and value.

Coral Calcium comes in liquid or capsule form. The liquid contains a formula that helps ensure your body absorbs Coral’s potential benefits. The liquid form is called Coral M and comes in a 500 ml bottle. The capsules contain a patented formula also but are enteric-coated to bypass the first-pass metabolism by the stomach acid which can reduce absorption by as much as 10 times. The capsule form is better absorbed and has more minerals in it. It is a personal choice of which you choose.

Coral Calcium’s high concentration of calcium makes it a food that helps you get all the health benefits of calcium in every daily serving. It is also very mild tasting, unlike those other high calcium foods like broccoli, dried figs, etc. The powder can be sprinkled on any food or beverage and gives them a delicious flavor. For easy use, try mixing a heaping spoonful of powder into juice or water.

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