Plant Enzyme with Ron Schneider

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This is a plant enzyme here and let’s just describes this particular product. This is my favorite I’ve been taking it for over 20 years and I love this stuff okay so you’re referring to the enriching gifts plant enzymes 270 and we also have a starter which is half the milligram dosage, but again um when I go back over my life my career of 30 years of research traveling all over the world this product has the most impact for everybody because it’s the fundamental foundation about how the entire human body works. Without digestion, there is nothing, and what is digestion? It’s all about enzymes, enzymes don’t work by themselves and this is one of the major flaws that I exposed about 20 years ago in the entire enzyme industry worldwide.

Go out and try to sprout in a little glass of water a seed in distilled water you’ll find that it won’t it won’t sprout because enzymes require catalysts in order for enzymes to communicate with each other and those are called minerals electrolytes, but mainly minerals. So what happens is if you take a look at all the other products in the world when it comes to enzymes whether there be pancreatin, ox bile, plant-based, fungal based no matter what it is all you see is a bunch of enzymes and there are no minerals whatsoever.

So as I said earlier there’s no such thing as a bad enzyme product they’re just bad formulators and bad manufacturing practices all enzymes can do what they’re do designed to do if you understand them and apply them properly. The first thing is just going out and look at all the labels at a GNC or anywhere else Walmart any place and you’ll see that there are no minerals in all those enzyme products and your body is severely mineral deficient. We knew that from a senate document way back in 1968 this was actually released by the department of agriculture how the human body is so minerally deficient because of soil erosion. So your body doesn’t have the minerals to activate the enzymes that are why your digestion started to go to pot along with the fact that you lose 8 to 10 percent every single decade you live of your body’s own digestive enzyme production so the enriching gifts plant enzyme is a great way to compensate for what your body’s losing.

The ability to do and without digestion nothing works I don’t care how organic it is how high potency it is how clean it is how expensive it is it just is not going to do what it’s designed to do and what you think it’s going to do for you. Unless it goes through a complete breakdown and efficient digestive process and what does that is enzymes and minerals and we have the highest enzymatic activity and enriching gifts plant enzyme product anywhere on the planet earth in fact they’ve sent out legal letters to four companies last year to say they were claiming they had the highest activity and in all three of those or all four of those companies not one of them had a mineral, not one. None of them were even within 30 percent potency of what I have in one of my capsules.

So again the enriching gifts plant enzymes products can give you and that is the foundation for everything else that anybody does whether it’s a meal whether it’s supplements whether it’s protein powders whatever you ingest. The foundation for allowing that to work the way it’s supposed to be the efficient digestive process and that’s all done with enzymes and minerals whether it’s your body doing it or whether it’s the enriching gifts uh plant enzyme encapsulated product that does it.

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