Why is Gut Health so Important?

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You’ve heard it before. Eat your fruits, veggies, whole grains, and other healthy foods to “keep your gut healthy.” What does this really mean? And what’s so important about that?

gut health

Your gut health is one of the most important things you can take care of every day. It’s where your immune system sits, and how well you feel depends on how strong it is. Seriously, if your gut isn’t in good shape then nothing else matters, not even a personal trainer or those high-heel shoes you can’t live without! Your entire immune system starts in the digestive tract with cells called “M Cells” that are different than the cells found in any other organ.

The gut and the immune system are connected. You can think of your body as an army, with soldiers and different divisions, ready to protect you from known enemies. But sometimes it is also important to fight off invaders you aren’t aware of. Your gut health is the first line of defense, keeping the bad guys out by preventing them from entering your body in the first place. And some good bacteria in your gut actually produce chemicals that kill germs that have already invaded or infected your body.

A strong immune system doesn’t just keep you from getting sick often; it also helps protect you when you do get sick. When you do get sick, the immune system is the body’s response to the infection. Your immune system will produce antibodies and chemicals like interleukins and TNF-alpha to fight off invaders in order to bring your body back into balance.

Most of us think about this part of our health when we are sick, but what about when we are healthy? If someone tells you that they are healthy, what do you think? Most people say that a healthy person doesn’t get sick often and is never really sick when they do. Health is not just the absence of disease; it is being able to bounce back quickly from an illness. A healthy immune system not only helps you fight off germs and infections but also helps your body heal quickly.

How Can You Help Maintain and Strengthen Your Gut Health?

The best way to help your gut stay strong and healthy is by eating a balanced, varied diet. A “diet” may mean some things to you, like counting calories or giving up vegetables, but a good diet is one that is full of the types of foods we should be eating no matter what else we are doing. You can think of a diet as all the things that make up an array of choices within carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

You can also take supplements! That is where we come in. Immune Shield has a variety of supplements that you can take for your health. Our digestive enzymes are one of the supplements that we highly recommend for gut health. Check them out!

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